The bübish story

bübish is sophisticated. bübish is timeless. bübish is sustainable.

The bübish range is diverse and thoughtfully designed to ensure every woman feels sophisticated, elegant and confident in their special piece. With varied styles, cuts and colours, we want bübish customers to be and look unapologetically themselves.

  • Dress it up or dress it down for versatility.
  • Quality is integral and pieces are made to last a lifetime, not just a season.
  • Handcrafted with responsibly sourced materials, all bübish jackets are made using up-cycled fur and consciously sourced faux fur fabrics.
  • All materials used to make each garment and sourced personally by Alex & Georgie.

bübish is a proudly South Australian owned and operated business.


Ethics & Sustainability 

Bubish acknowledges the importance of fur being manufactured ethically. And a proudly acknowledge that they source their products from suppliers that fit within the global ethical guidelines of manufacturing set by the International Fur Federation. 

Bubish suppliers provide them with rightfully procured fur that is either surplus fur or a secondary product of food trades under the strict requirements set by the Federation. This governing body is committed to the practice of promoting and regulating the healthy and green use of fur throughout all aspects of the supply chain. 

From the environmental responsible procedures for chemicals used in the dressing of furs, it is continually seeking new ways to improve the environmental footprint of fur production.